Technical Overload

June and July--always the best months of the year. Absolutely crazy, of course, but a huge opportunity to do what I love to do.And with the time off from school, my Technicolor Technical Genius has had plenty of opportunities to bring me into the twenty-first century...and oh, how hard it all is to keep up with sometimes.So far, my teenager has "hooked me up with" a Twitter, a Facebook Fan Page, and a Facebook Group in addition to the website and blog. Twitter seems pretty easy to manage, as I can do it from my phone as well as from the computer. Ah, the joys of technology. Be sure to "follow" me on Twitter (isn't that a form of stalking?), become a Fan and/or a groupie on Facebook, and--of course--stalk the blog down the yellow cake road.

The picture I've included for this post is from a wedding I did with VIP Grand Events a few weeks ago--and boy, was it gorgeous! One of my all time favorite cakes, for sure. Even though you can't see it in the picture, the ribbon-bordered cake with edible chocolate pearl accents sat atop a giant tree trunk cake stand. That's my kind of unconventional.

Let them eat cake!

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