Let Them Eat (My Cup)Cake!

After some talkings-over with my business manager(s), The Cake Diva has decided that it's time to bring back something many of you have missed...once again, the Diva is doing cupcakes. Best served for children's birthday parties or smaller occasions, but possible for any, these comely, crazy, crafty, creative, and custom creations are great for centerpieces and personal, fist-sized desserts. Cupcakes can be tailored to fit any theme, and trust me, they're not run of the mill. (Then again, is anything I do run of the mill?) Out of retirement they come!

Disclaimer: not for the faint of heart--you've never seen cupcakes like this!


Technical Overload

June and July--always the best months of the year. Absolutely crazy, of course, but a huge opportunity to do what I love to do.And with the time off from school, my Technicolor Technical Genius has had plenty of opportunities to bring me into the twenty-first century...and oh, how hard it all is to keep up with sometimes.So far, my teenager has "hooked me up with" a Twitter, a Facebook Fan Page, and a Facebook Group in addition to the website and blog. Twitter seems pretty easy to manage, as I can do it from my phone as well as from the computer. Ah, the joys of technology. Be sure to "follow" me on Twitter (isn't that a form of stalking?), become a Fan and/or a groupie on Facebook, and--of course--stalk the blog down the yellow cake road.

The picture I've included for this post is from a wedding I did with VIP Grand Events a few weeks ago--and boy, was it gorgeous! One of my all time favorite cakes, for sure. Even though you can't see it in the picture, the ribbon-bordered cake with edible chocolate pearl accents sat atop a giant tree trunk cake stand. That's my kind of unconventional.

Let them eat cake!


Okay, I lied. Blogging is REALLY hard to do.

Okay, people, let's just face it--when you're as busy as I am most of the time, especially during high-flying wedding season, blogging can be a difficult thing. Even more difficult is finding something interesting to say when the time does arise that I am able to blog.No fear, I'm trying! (I went from once every 4 months to once every 3 months--that's got to be an improvement. Soon enough, I'll be blogging every ten minutes!)

God, I hope not.

Regardless, the Cake Diva's got a fantastic cake to showcase: hopefully making up for my absence. More updates during my vacation (-cough- I mean my kid's vacation) next week. Toodles!


Oh my, blogs are hard to keep up with.

I suppose in the absence of a heavy cake season, I just got lazy all around. So, to all my Cake Junkies, I apologize for the lack of updates. I realize these things are supposed to be more than a once-every-three-month occurrence, I promise. Now that wedding season has officially kicked off and I'm back on my toes, I'm sure I'll keep the blog in shape.

A lot of that time has gone into planning my display for what I'm sure will be one of the hottest bridal exposes Jackson's ever seen! Anyone who's interested in learning a little more about the Wedding--and seeing the fabulous cake we've designed for it (pictures up Friday!), head on over to www.theweddingeventms.com.

It's going to knock your socks off--literally!

Among other new developments has been the complete overhaul of our website. I say "our", because every once in a while Logan gets in one of those moods where the excellent job she's done just isn't quite up to par any longer. Be it through learning a new trick or some other oddity, I'm not really sure how she does it, she somehow managed to make the site even more beautiful than it was before. You can't afford to miss it! www.thecakediva.net

And here's a random picture of a cake we did a few weeks ago at the E-Center...a five piece drumset...complete with stands and sticks.

New post coming soon, no doubt typed by my near-secretary/child/web designer/business manager. She's tried to convince me I'm saving money.
With senior rings, trips to Speech and Debate Nationals, and new computer software...I'm beginning to doubt that.

They better eat cake!


The Diva has a Cake Blog!

"What on earth is a blog?"

\ˈblȯg, ˈbläg\
noun; short for Weblog
a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer ; also : the contents of such a site
— blog·ger noun
— blog·ging noun

Well, I suppose that now I am officially a "blogger". Welcome to my Cake Blog. A quick thank you to my "wonderful, amazing, beautiful, and tech-savvy" daughter for setting up my blog for me.

January so far has been insane. So many brides, so little time. I believe I've gotten caught up in the Christmas and New Year's engagement rush, but finally, it's starting to slow down. That is, until Valentine's Day. Remember, girls, even if it may make me tired, it's never too early to plan. I've already gotten some calls into 2010! (Which is frightening, because my oldest graduates that May.)

Well, I must go deliver a fabulous Sweet 16 cake in the year's hottest color: ice blue!

Stay Sweet!
"I'm still not sure I know what a blog is."