Let Them Eat (My Cup)Cake!

After some talkings-over with my business manager(s), The Cake Diva has decided that it's time to bring back something many of you have missed...once again, the Diva is doing cupcakes. Best served for children's birthday parties or smaller occasions, but possible for any, these comely, crazy, crafty, creative, and custom creations are great for centerpieces and personal, fist-sized desserts. Cupcakes can be tailored to fit any theme, and trust me, they're not run of the mill. (Then again, is anything I do run of the mill?) Out of retirement they come!

Disclaimer: not for the faint of heart--you've never seen cupcakes like this!


Technical Overload

June and July--always the best months of the year. Absolutely crazy, of course, but a huge opportunity to do what I love to do.And with the time off from school, my Technicolor Technical Genius has had plenty of opportunities to bring me into the twenty-first century...and oh, how hard it all is to keep up with sometimes.So far, my teenager has "hooked me up with" a Twitter, a Facebook Fan Page, and a Facebook Group in addition to the website and blog. Twitter seems pretty easy to manage, as I can do it from my phone as well as from the computer. Ah, the joys of technology. Be sure to "follow" me on Twitter (isn't that a form of stalking?), become a Fan and/or a groupie on Facebook, and--of course--stalk the blog down the yellow cake road.

The picture I've included for this post is from a wedding I did with VIP Grand Events a few weeks ago--and boy, was it gorgeous! One of my all time favorite cakes, for sure. Even though you can't see it in the picture, the ribbon-bordered cake with edible chocolate pearl accents sat atop a giant tree trunk cake stand. That's my kind of unconventional.

Let them eat cake!